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Willow Branch Place

Sunflower Acacia Wood Cutting Board

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Large Sunflower Acacia Wood Cutting Board

Acacia wood charcuterie board
Laser engraved sunflower
Made from natural solid acacia wood
Size approximate: 19.5" x 16"

    DO NOT’s
    • Do not soak or put in the dishwasher
    • Do not scrub these boards, as it could take off the oils.
    • Do not place food on the board that could stain the finish
    • Do not slice or chop on these boards or it will ruin the unique look of your

    Please note:
    • The boards are laser engraved into the wood. The wood can vary in the way it
    burns and not one piece is exactly the same. Please note that some can
    engrave darker than others and if shades of colors in the wood, it will look
    engrave at different shades. Knots are to be expected.
    • Recommended board use is decorative only.
    • Food usage is at your own risk.