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Baby's Birth Stat Christmas Ornament

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Baby's Birth Stat Christmas Ornament

This Baby's First Christmas Ornament is the perfect way to commemorate your little one's first holiday season. Crafted with wood and laser engraved, this ornament displays your baby's stats for a sentimental reminder of their first Christmas. Create a timeless keepsake to celebrate the wonder and joy of the holiday season!

  • Measures approximately 3.33" H x 3.00" W (not including bead and string)
  • Made from 1/4" wood

Make sure to leave the following in the personalization box:

  1. First Name
  2. Middle Name
  3. Time of birth (example: 12:52 pm)
  4. Weight (example: 7 lbs 5.8oz)
  5. Length (example: 19.25 in)
  6. Date of birth (example: 08.04.22)