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Willow Branch Place

Personalized Dog Remembrance Frame, Pet Memorial

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Our personalized pet memorial sign is perfect to display your dog or pet's collar.

Crafted with care, our wooden dog collar holder memorial honors the cherished memory of your beloved canine companion. This heartfelt tribute provides a timeless resting place for your dog's collar, preserving the essence of your bond forever. Handcrafted from quality wood, each piece is a symbol of love and remembrance, designed to bring solace during times of loss. Keep your furry friend close to heart with this meaningful tribute, a testament to the enduring spirit of unconditional love.

Each sign measures 10" x 10" square. We add cutouts to the sign to place your pets collar. Your pets name is cutout, painted and attached to the sign, giving is a raised look. The signs sit on an easel to be displayed on any table or mantle. 

We cut and stain or paint each piece before attaching. The base of the sign is done in a natural stain and the top is done in a weathered oak stain. 

*Each piece will look a little different as no two pieces of wood look exactly the same*